Malaysia’s first online combo insurance package offers comprehensive 3-in-1 coverage

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Picking the right insurance plan is never easy.

There are just so many elements to take into account, especially when you have to plan and divide your money to afford multiple insurance packages like life insurance and medical insurance.

But what if there was a way to make it all a little simpler?

AXA AFFIN Life Insurance might just be able to help you out with that as they’ve introduced a new and affordable 3-in-1 insurance package called the AXA eCombo.

AXA’s eCombo is the first online combo package of its kind in Malaysia and combines various protection plans such as medical, critical illness and life insurance coverages.

That means you no longer have to pick just one insurance plan you can afford as the eCombo conveniently combines these plans into one affordable 3-in-1 package.

With three extensive plans available in the comprehensive package, you don’t have to worry about paying high medical bills or rummaging for cash in the case of critical illness as the package covers all of that for you.

Under eCombo, the online medical insurance plan (AXA eMedic) offers a number of benefits such as an annual limit of up to RM100,000 (which resets yearly), cashless admission to over 150 panel hospitals across Malaysia, no lifetime limit and no medical check-ups.

The critical illness plan (AXA eCritical Early Care) offers a sum insured of up to RM250,000, covering a total of 50 medical conditions such as cancer, heart attack and stroke, in both early and advanced stages with 50 per cent payout for early-stage illnesses and a 100 per cent payout of the sum insured for advanced stages.

The life insurance plan (AXA eLife Protector+) will help to relieve the burden on you and your family in the event of unfortunate accidents as it offers a 100 per cent payout of the sum insured up to RM250,000 in the event of death or Total or Permanent Disability, with a 200 per cent payout in the event of accidental death.

On top of that, these three plans combined are available online at reasonably priced rates from as low RM71 per month within the eCombo package.

eCombo also covers Covid-19 related payments, as all diagnostic procedures and stay in isolation ward fees are covered if you go to a private hospital prior to being transferred to a government hospital.

Unlike most insurance coverages, eCombo customers will also be able to modify or customise their coverage for each plan within the package.

This means that you’ll have an added sense of control over your individual plans in the eCombo package, as you’ll be able to increase or decrease coverage for each plan to the preferred amount of your choice via the AXA AFFIN website.

But what if you only want to pay for one or two of the selected plans?

Well, the eCombo package will allow you to do just that as it offers more flexibility for customers to pick and choose, one, two or all three options, depending on their needs and budget constraints.

It only takes a few clicks
While it may seem like a hassle to purchase these different plans in the eCombo package, it’s quite the opposite as AXA’s inclusive package is available at the tip of your fingers.

Being available exclusively online, the eCombo package allows you to skip tedious procedures like physically submitting documents and long approval periods, which could be pretty useful considering that we’re advised to stay at home during the pandemic.

All you have to do is log on to the AXA eCombo website, key in some general information and you’ll be able to get a quotation for the package at a “Basic,” “Just Right” and “Extended” rate.

Once you’ve selected the rate of your choice, you’ll then need to fill in some personal details and proceed to make payment online.

All in all, the whole process takes just 10 minutes and you’re immediately covered.

Malaysians as young as 15 days old up to 49 years old are eligible for the eCombo package, with insurance coverage extending until age 80.

The AXA eLife Protector+ plan, however, requires you to be at least 16 years old to be eligible for the plan.

If you purchase the eCombo package from now till December 31 this year, you’ll also stand a chance to receive GrabFood vouchers of up to RM50.

Like other insurers in Malaysia, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance is supervised by Bank Negara and is globally recognised as one of the biggest insurance brands on the world stage.

In 2018, the brand was ranked as the number one insurance brand globally for the 10th year running by Interbrand.